North Hampshire’s gastronomic secret – revealed!

Eversley Gastro Village is  becoming the place to visit for meals and dining-out in north Hampshire. Ideal for a weekend escape  or a mid-week meal and overnight stay.
With SEVEN fine  gastro establishments all within walking distance  there is  a great choice of bars and menus to suit every occasion.

Choose any one of these unique dining experiences:

The Tally-Ho

The White Hart

The  Kingsley at Eversley (private dining & accommodation)

The Golden Pot

The Chequers

 The Frog and Wicket

The Greyhound – just over the border in Berkshire


North Hampshire enjoys unspoilt villages, rolling countryside and historical sites such as the Duke of Wellington estate at Stratfield Saye and the Roman garrison town of Silchester. Great literary figures lived here including Jane Austen and Charles Kingsley, author of The Water-Babies, who was rector at Eversley in the mid 1800s.

If visiting from abroad this is also a great base for your stay with fast trains to London and Portsmouth, excellent road communications to Oxford, Windsor, Guildford and to the technology centres at Farnborough and Reading.

And within north Hampshire Eversley is particularly well situated, located as it is within the area known locally as The Three Counties. Where Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey meet.        Find us : Google Maps

Cricket is strong here, and Eversley’s cricket ground is one of the oldest in the country. Cricket has been played on our picturesque ground at Cross Green, Eversley, for the past 225 Summers.

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Eversley Gastro Village is a joint initiative by the hospitality businesses of Eversley.